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2014 NFL Football Schedule

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Blog Posts, Lifestyle | Comments Off on 2014 NFL Football Schedule

2014 NFL Football Schedule Football season is upon us once again so be sure to etch out some time to watch your favorite teams battle on the grid iron.  Here is the schedule for the 2014 season. Week 1 Thursday, Sept. 4 Green Bay at Seattle, 8:30pm ET Sunday, Sept. 7 New Orleans at Atlanta, 1pm ET Cincinnati at Baltimore, 1pm ET Buffalo at Chicago, 1pm ET Washington at Houston, 1pm ET Tennessee at Kansas City, 1pm ET New England at Miami, 1pm ET Oakland at N.Y. Jets, 1pm ET Jacksonville at Philadelphia, 1pm ET Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1pm ET Minnesota at St. Louis, 1pm ET San Francisco at Dallas, 4:25pm ET Carolina at Tampa Bay, 4:25pm ET Indianapolis at Denver, 8:30pm ET Monday, Sept. 8 N.Y. Giants at Detroit, 7:10pm ET San Diego at Arizona, 10:20pm ET  ...

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A Dash of Variety to Spice Up Your Life

Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Blog Posts, Lifestyle | Comments Off on A Dash of Variety to Spice Up Your Life

When you live in a culinary vivacious town such as Santa Barbara it can be a challenge to experience all of what the town has to offer.  Maybe you haven’t made it down to enjoy the Funk Zone or parts of lower state like you have been meaning to.  If this is true or if you want to see the town like never before then check out a lower state and Funk Zone food tour.  Daily food tours are presented by a knowledgeable docent that will guide you through food tastings as well as give you a perspective of the architecture of the city. You can go to for more details. Tours are 7 days/week at 11:30 and 12:30 for $59-$79. Depending on the day. If you are the type that needs a substantial meal for lunch don’t...

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¡Fiesta! 90th Annual Event

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Lifestyle | Comments Off on ¡Fiesta! 90th Annual Event

Certain Spanish words have become instantly recognizable in everyday American speech. And we ALL know what fiesta means. When: July 30th – August 3rd Where: Downtown Santa Barbara  America is a melting pot of traditions found all over the world. And each region has a different way of commemorating the heritage that influenced its way of life. California grew in the midst of Hispanic culture, and though it has come into an identity of its own, residents of all backgrounds come together in celebration of the state’s roots. Without any further delay, let me introduce Santa Barbara’s way of celebration: Old Spanish Days (or as locals call it Fiesta). As you get closer to the Mexican-American border of California, the ties to Hispanic heritage are more apparent. To the Santa Barbara community, a mere day of celebration will not...

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Wine, anyone?

Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 in Lifestyle | Comments Off on Wine, anyone?

Work can wait. You’ve earned some weekend wine time. Wine has a tendency to sneak its way into most festivities. Here, it is taking center stage. Santa Barbara’s embrace of viniculture peaks during the California Wine Festival, now in its eleventh year. Though Santa Barbara is the flagship venue, this event has since grown to accommodate other California locations throughout the year. Because let’s face it, most people have vino on the brain. This is the grand excuse to give in to those indulgences! With a small kickoff the other night, today marks the beginning of wine weekend for most. Like any great festival, the amount of event blocks available will satisfy the tastes of all up-and-coming connoisseurs. Tonight, for example, the wines of Lodi (a designated American Viticulture Area) get their chance at leaving a mark in Santa...

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Post Fourth Pick-Me-Up

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Blog Posts, Lifestyle | Comments Off on Post Fourth Pick-Me-Up

Don’t want to come off that Independence Day peak? Looking for the next big rush after the Fourth? We’ve got you covered. Firework confetti and poppers bury the streets. Leftovers pile high in the fridge. Belts might have to loosen up a notch after all those American made sweets. The slump that often follows big holidays, like the Fourth of July, seems to bring about an unshakeable gloom that continues until the next big event. Maybe that’s true elsewhere, but Santa Barbara has a way of avoiding any type of lull. Here’s a few great things stirring in the community this very second: 1.      2014 Semana Nautica: July 7 – July 13 Santa Barbara has played host for this outdoor beach festivity for 77 summer seasons. Anything from ocean swimming tournaments to tennis matches, this party won’t stop for...

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Where The Wildcats Are

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Lifestyle | Comments Off on Where The Wildcats Are

It’s easy to take a thing like education for granted; a single marker can make all the difference for kids searching for creative and literary inspiration. This is their story:   A new novel is sweeping through Santa Barbara, a must-read from the unlikeliest group of collaborating authors: Fifth graders at the Washington School. In a classroom run by veteran teacher Barry Nitikman, student’s were given the opportunity to let their creativity run wild in the form of a book. This effort culminated in It’s Not Our World, a story weaved together with a chapter from each student. Collaborative projects such as this seem like a must in every elementary school curriculum, but that’s not nearly the case. Faced with budget cuts and dwindling supply stocks, creative projects in the same vein as a class novel are becoming rarities....

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