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The Basics to Xeriscaping

Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in Blog Posts | Comments Off on The Basics to Xeriscaping

Talk of the severity of the drought in California is around every corner. You hear people talking about it in coffee shops, at the work place, at golf courses and especially at your home or at a friend’s home.  There are tips and tricks to handling such a phenomenon as this so let us introduce you to the basics of Xeriscaping.  Xeriscaping is a method of gardening that employs special types of plants and grass that can tolerate extremely dry environments. Their function is to make a home or business look beautiful while reducing water consumption.   Xeriscaping could not be more appropriate for our climate in Santa Barbara. Not only will the transition to water sipping plants potentially save you money it will also lessen the impact of water being used on our landscaping. What’s encouraged is to...

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