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A Dash of Variety to Spice Up Your Life

A Dash of Variety to Spice Up Your Life

When you live in a culinary vivacious town such as Santa Barbara it can be a challenge to experience all of what the town has to offer.  Maybe you haven’t made it down to enjoy the Funk Zone or parts of lower state like you have been meaning to.  If this is true or if you want to see the town like never before then check out a lower state and Funk Zone food tour.  Daily food tours are presented by a knowledgeable docent that will guide you through food tastings as well as give you a perspective of the architecture of the city. You can go to for more details.

SB Food Sep 2014

Tours are 7 days/week at 11:30 and 12:30 for $59-$79. Depending on the day. If you are the type that needs a substantial meal for lunch don’t worry because there are enough tastings to provide a full meal.

Treat yourself to a little gift that will enlighten your senses and refresh your knowledge of the town.