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¡Fiesta! 90th Annual Event

Certain Spanish words have become instantly recognizable in everyday American speech. And we ALL know what fiesta means.

When: July 30th – August 3rd

Where: Downtown Santa Barbara


 America is a melting pot of traditions found all over the world. And each region has a different way of commemorating the heritage that influenced its way of life. California grew in the midst of Hispanic culture, and though it has come into an identity of its own, residents of all backgrounds come together in celebration of the state’s roots.

Without any further delay, let me introduce Santa Barbara’s way of celebration: Old Spanish Days (or as locals call it Fiesta). As you get closer to the Mexican-American border of California, the ties to Hispanic heritage are more apparent. To the Santa Barbara community, a mere day of celebration will not do. Here, from July 30th to August 3rd, parades own the streets, colorful Mexican markets dominate food sales, and tours around the city illuminate the Hispanic tradition.

I mean, it’s the least we can do to honor those who built this beautiful city from the ground up. The Santa Barbara Mission is practically the first piece of real estate this city ever had! Taking the time to see the mission as it stands, especially during a fiesta time like this, gives perfect insight into why Spanish-style homes still thrive in the area to this day. Old Spanish Days may just be the premier event that truly shows the colors of Santa Barbara. To anyone who’s ever dreamt of the coastal lifestyle, here’s your chance to see what life could be like. Take this chance, embrace the heritage, and be a part of a community you can’t find anywhere else.

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