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Wine, anyone?

Work can wait. You’ve earned some weekend wine time.

Wine has a tendency to sneak its way into most festivities. Here, it is taking center stage. Santa Barbara’s embrace of viniculture peaks during the California Wine Festival, now in its eleventh year. Though Santa Barbara is the flagship venue, this event has since grown to accommodate other California locations throughout the year. Because let’s face it, most people have vino on the brain. This is the grand excuse to give in to those indulgences!

CA Wine fest

With a small kickoff the other night, today marks the beginning of wine weekend for most. Like any great festival, the amount of event blocks available will satisfy the tastes of all up-and-coming connoisseurs. Tonight, for example, the wines of Lodi (a designated American Viticulture Area) get their chance at leaving a mark in Santa Barbara at the World of Wine block. Which is not as easy as it may seem. In case you’re relatively new to the wine world, California wine rivals the likes of wine’s homeland in Italy. With many regions already embedded in the wine history books, many other regions are on the rise. Don’t miss out! Individual block info for this entire festival can be found at this very link:

CA wine fest 2

More than just wine, expect food and live music to compliment the drinks. What kind of venue could possibly handle this type of liveliness? The beachside of Santa Barbara! Saturday is all about sunshine, chardonnay, music, and merlot.  So men, set out your Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. Women, bust out the sun hats and shades. And everyone, dedicate this weekend to yourself. A little play is the right balance after this long work week!