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Post Fourth Pick-Me-Up

Post Fourth Pick-Me-Up

Don’t want to come off that Independence Day peak? Looking for the next big rush after the Fourth? We’ve got you covered.

Firework confetti and poppers bury the streets. Leftovers pile high in the fridge. Belts might have to loosen up a notch after all those American made sweets. The slump that often follows big holidays, like the Fourth of July, seems to bring about an unshakeable gloom that continues until the next big event. Maybe that’s true elsewhere, but Santa Barbara has a way of avoiding any type of lull. Here’s a few great things stirring in the community this very second:

1.      2014 Semana Nautica: July 7 – July 13

Santa Barbara has played host for this outdoor beach festivity for 77 summer seasons. Anything from ocean swimming tournaments to tennis matches, this party won’t stop for another week all along the beaches and downtown. Walk through to check out art displays or get active in some of the tournaments. You’re guaranteed to get a tan if you do! For more shenanigan info, follow this link:

Semana Nautica 2014

 2.     Biking Tour Through Wine Country: Thursdays – Sundays

In the mood for less beach, but still craving a scenic day? Every weekend there’s the chance to take a stroll through some of the greatest vineyards in the southern California region. If you like pedaling, picnics, and quenching thirst with a full-bodied glass of wine, you are DEFINITELY not alone. Try this biking day tour, and find your new favorite winery! Find out more here:

3.      2014 Old Spanish Days FIESTA: July 30 – August 3

This is the event that everything else leads up to during the long summer days in Santa Barbara. Fiesta (as it is often shortened to) is a several day festival that engulfs the entire area, and has done so for the past 90 years. In short, it’s a chance to celebrate the rich traditions of the Spanish, Mexican, and American Indians that swayed the history of this city. I mean, it’s hard to miss the mission-style buildings that dot Santa Barbara’s prime real estate. Hispanic influence has built a foundation here, so it only seems right that everyone gets involved for the event that literally translates into PARTY.

 fiesta SB 2014

Now, you can sigh in relief. The Fourth of July is more or less a kick off to a nonstop summer party that simply is Santa Barbara. Don’t give in to the gloom. Brush off those apple pie crumbs and let’s get going again!