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Where The Wildcats Are

It’s easy to take a thing like education for granted; a single marker can make all the difference for kids searching for creative and literary inspiration. This is their story:

 5th Grade Class

A new novel is sweeping through Santa Barbara, a must-read from the unlikeliest group of collaborating authors: Fifth graders at the Washington School. In a classroom run by veteran teacher Barry Nitikman, student’s were given the opportunity to let their creativity run wild in the form of a book. This effort culminated in It’s Not Our World, a story weaved together with a chapter from each student. Collaborative projects such as this seem like a must in every elementary school curriculum, but that’s not nearly the case.

Faced with budget cuts and dwindling supply stocks, creative projects in the same vein as a class novel are becoming rarities. For that reason alone, this book stands as a triumph in giving children the chance to physically see the fruits of their imaginative labor. Behind the scenes during this project has been Village Properties through The Teacher’s Fund non-profit, a backer of arts at the Washington School and others in the area.

Since 2002, Village Properties has given back to the community that built them up initially. Through the Teacher’s Fund, the crayons and markers that many take for granted are finally put in the hands of the student artists. The simple gestures in life go a long way, a philosophy Village Properties has exemplified since its early years. This is the first published work for (most of) these fifth grade students, and they went the extra mile to thank Village for its continued support of education. Shown above is the personal copy Village received in light of its contribution!

Concern with education here and now is the only way to make a future difference. Who knows, these very fifth graders might become the backbone of Village’s future!