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Celebrating Service: Renee Grubb

Renee Grubb, co-founder of Village Properties, received honors last month from her colleagues at United Ways for an exceptional past year as community campaign chair.

 Renee Grubb - PRINT Cropped Touched Up 2012

An organization dedicated to promoting positive community initiatives, United Ways of Santa Barbara celebrated Renee and others at this year’s 91st annual awards dinner. In recognition of Grubb’s contributions to the Santa Barbara community, United Ways highlighted her strong leadership and communal support when presenting the award.


A co-founder of Village Properties, Renee Grubb has become a well-known name among locals. With an effective outreach all over the county, her impact resonates with most. One initiative of particular note is the Teacher’s Fund: A non-profit started by Village that works with local schools to get the supplies teachers need. In light of diminishing supply budgets, local schools have been at a disadvantage for quite some time; however, since 2002, Renee’s work for the Teacher’s Fund has helped bridge that gap significantly.


With a firm root in the community, Grubb and Village Properties have built personal connections with countless residents. Chances are, Renee helped you find the very home you’re in now! Her continual passion as part of the United Ways Board of Directors only promises greater things to come in the city of Santa Barbara.