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Santa Barbara’s Unity Shoppe



Santa Barbara’s Unity Shoppe serves the low-income clients of 300 non-profit organizations, social service agencies, churches, schools and hospitals.  Over 22,000 unduplicated people are referred for food, clothing, school supplies, furniture and basic necessities.

Over 70,000 visits are made yearly by low-income families, children the elderly and the disabled. This collaboration prevents duplication of services and people being served by multiple places. People in need can rely on a consistent facility where they can receive a fair allotment of better merchandise year-round. The free clothing and grocery store allows clients to shop with dignity for the things they need and prevents wasteful handouts that may not be needed. This is a community project of staggering proportions. They believe in preventing serious problems for the families we serve and our community.

Natalie Grubb and daughter enjoy servicing the Unity Shoppe and the work they do for the community. For more information on how to donate or volunteer with the Unity Shoppe, please visit