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Listings That Light Up The Night

Listings That Light Up The Night

It is truly amazing how lighting can dramatically change how a property is viewed. Especially in the summer months, outdoor lighting can change an entire experience.

The Grubb Campbell listing at 1510 Farnham Road, proves that outdoor lighting must match the architecture in order to properly compliment the home. At this estate, the owners chose to stick with a contemporary look, however, still keeping the property warm and inviting by highlighting the architectural features throughout.



At Boundary Drive, outdoor lighting is used to create a regal presence when entering the wrought iron gates. The automatic front door is emphasized through exquisite sconces complimenting each side.

Patio Touched Up

This recently sold Grubb Campbell listing utilizes outdoor lighting perfectly. The outdoor sitting area is inviting, but it does not take away from the awe – inspiring ocean views. The landscaping and stone pathways are also lit up, adding to the serene feel of the property.